Dr. Martin-Khan is based at the Centre for Health Services Research, The University of Queensland (UQ). She also works closely with the School of Nursing, University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). Collaboration with interRAI, for the development of health care service assessment tools, has extensive integration of the data tools as part of Dr. Martin-Khan’s research program.

Since 2009, we have worked collaboratively to develop and implement quality indicators in health care settings to support improvements in patient outcomes. Melinda also works in the areas of dementia and telehealth. Her interactions utilising social media platforms to disseminate emerging dementia prevention research are part of her chronic disease/mental health program of work.

Dr. Melinda Martin-Khan

Melinda Martin-Khan is a health scientist whose focus is quality health. She also has experienced chronic migraines since high school. The combination of working within the health system, and experiencing the health system personally has been an interesting and useful experience for most of her adult life.

Her focus is quality of care and opportunities to improve the patient experience and health outcomes across the health care service (community, general practice and in hospital).

For many of us there is a constant tension between our journey towards quality of health, and our daily health challenges. Despite that, we forge forward always maintaining hope of a better tomorrow as we overcome those challenges one step at a time. 

Melinda believes that there is existing evidence that can help us make simple adjustments to our life to eliminate some of the challenges we have to overcome each day in our journey towards quality of health. She also believes that we can be a part of finding new evidence to help make a difference to the future of public health. 

As a health scientist and blogger, Melinda is involved with organisations, health systems and individuals around the world to change the way we measure and create quality health. 

We have the opportunity to change the outcome, our personal outcomes and those of our patients, by looking closely at the processes we use each day and anticipating opportunities where we can influence the outcomes.
— Dr. Melinda Martin-Khan, PhD MHthSc GSc(Stat) BCom(Acc) BEd(Hons) DipMan

What We've Achieved

  • Quality indicator suites in health services (Acute Care; Emergency Department)

  • Validation of the diagnostic accuracy of dementia via videoconferencing

  • Dissemination of research evidence as a chronic illness blogger (basickly.com & melindamartinkhan.com)

  • Validation of geriatric assessment online in hospital.

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