You can make a difference - to your own health, and the health of those around you.  Take action today.

Participate in the conversation by talking about your health journey (the challenges and the opportunities). Your experience, and the insight you have gained, can contribute to improving the health and safety for those who follow you.


pledge 21 days of healthy brain habits

50 million people have dementia around the world. A new case of dementia occurs every 3 seconds. It’s time to make a change. Will you pledge 21 days of healthy brain habits? Look through the Your Brain Matters Website and make a start.


take the challenge

We often ‘put on a brave face’ and don’t talk about our chronic illness, or the challenges we face. Take the challenge and post a comment on my Facebook page to let me know something about your journey. Then press ‘Follow’ so you can support others who take the challenge with you.