The House of Health Framework embraces six key concepts which reduce your risk of developing chronic disease including dementia, and also lead to improved quality of health in the short term. It can be hard to remember abstract concepts like social connections, sleep, and being informed about risk reduction. The House of Health Framework keeps things simple by relating each key concept to a room in your house.  We have developed House of Health Memory Items to keep in each room to help jog your memory and keep you focused throughout the day. For example, thinking about your eating habits and food choices is called 'Choose Nutrition' and is linked to the Kitchen.  So you keep your House of Health Memory item in the kitchen to help you stay focused. 


House of Health Coasters

 Pack of six Coasters:  $39.95

In partnership with Table Art Designs (a Brisbane based company), you can order your set of House of Health Coasters. 

Purchase coasters for yourself or as a gift. Follow the link to to purchase online [you will leave this website]

“Table Art Designs has offered 5% of every purchase to be donated to Dementia Australia for their ongoing contribution towards increasing public awareness about dementia, and supporting people with dementia and their caregivers" - Melinda Martin-Khan

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