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The Martin-Khan Personal Quality Health Rating Scale


I know that you are probably doing a bunch of things in your life right now to progress your long term health goals but you know there is another level for you.


The House of Health

Six elements that are central to maintaining your personal House of Health, and working towards personal  quality health.

This Personal Quality Health Rating Scale is based on the premise that quality is constant regardless of the variation in circumstances that we find ourselves in.

For personal quality health, this means we have developed skills, habits, and safety measures to support us when we are feeling fit and energetic, and when we are experiencing some of the more challenging aspects of our complex health story. 

We often start on a spiral of poor health, or experience poor outcomes when our health issues are at their worst because we are not in a position to make good decisions. This is called decision fatigue. Our long term health can be improved if we reduce our decision fatigue over time. 

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