Getting Quality time

People often ask me how do I manage what I do with the challenges that I face. I acknowledge that I have good days and some not so good. I am still learning how to maximise the good days, but I have learnt that it's important to experience personal quality health all the time, whether it's a good day or a bad day.  This helps to smooth out the peaks and troughs and keep everything running.

My absolute greatest tip has been to remove some of the things that I am juggling day to day and give them to someone else, or to automate them.  I love online shopping, the deliver to your door type, and I'm also starting to use online services more and more. 

I also love when the organisation rewards me for partnering with them. That is fantastic.  I think it's important that organisations give something back to the consumer. 

Below are some more of the great organisations that I use to make my life easier.  These people have become a part of my health team and they make a huge difference to my success. Many of them offer referral and rewards programs which I really love, sometimes with product discounts and sometimes cash. 


Super Nutrition

starting the day right

I am terrible in the morning, and I hate to stop working once I start. I love this nutrition program because it is fast and easy and it doesn't rot in the fridge. I always have stores in the cupboard and my office drawer so I can eat it and keep going (but it's super healthy so it keeps the migraines more under control). 

Also when I am feeling terrible and not able to cook, its a full meal in a smoothie and I get the nourishment I need. For the athletic types it helps with energy to get the most out of the workout as well. But best of all, it's delivered to your door and I don't have to go to the supermarket.

The company is committed to good nutrition for everyone so they offer benefits to people who recommend a friend in the way of product discounts or cash. I love that. 

Take a look at the videos to find out more.  If you think this might be for you, you can order online at the link I have provided, or you can contact me for information about a 30 minute strategy session.  It's an opportunity to identify your current priorities and needs; and we can help you identify if this is really the right fit for you at this time. 


"My family love this nutrition. I've admired the way my daughter has incorporated this nutritional system into her lifestyle as a university student.  Shepowers up on this great nutrition because it's easy, supports her energy and helps reduce her stress. Watch the video to see how she spends the day when it gets busy around exam time at University" Melinda Martin-Khan. 


"No matter how many times I hear Mary tell her story, it is great to hear the way she has enjoyed lasting change in her daily routine and nutritional benefits. As health professionals, it is encouraging to be able to pass this information on to people who are asking us what we do each day to keep up with our busy schedules. Watch the video to hear Mary describe different elements of the nutritional system we love so much" Melinda Martin-Khan. 

cooking at home

easy dinner for family

I don't like grocery shopping and I can never decide what to have for dinner, so I love these two options (though I confess, Marley Spoon is my favorite). 

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You sign up and choose what meals you would like to have delivered to your house. The ingredients arrive and you get to cook (but no shopping). I love having the brown bags ready to go in my fridge, knowing that I can cook but don't have to do anything else to make dinner happen. 

I don't do it every night, but a few nights a week works well. 

Each company is different and there are good things about both, so give them a try and work out what you like. 

You can receive a discount for referring a friend, and your friend can get a discount as well. So contact me if you like to try one of these and I'll send you an email with a discount code. It's a great offer. 


don't step inside of a supermarket

We are supposed to go grocery shopping, right? Not anymore. If it stresses you out - find ways to give the job to someone else, or order online. 

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As soon as my daughter passed her driver's license I started getting her to do my grocery shopping. I found I was too exhausted from all the other decisions I was making to make grocery decisions (and dinner decisions) that I was leaving it to the last minute and making bad and expensive decisions. 

Now I have also discovered online grocery shopping that can be delivered to the door (and carried in). They do everything short of putting it in the fridge. 

I like Woolworths because their rewards program has Qantas frequent flyers and discounts off your grocery bill. The discount is real and it does reduce your grocery bill, so that is a win for me. 


Money management

paying the bills


Doing things you love


Finding a way to do something you love, either by yourself or with your family and friends is really important. If you can link in with a super good rewards program that is even better.

One of my absolute favorite rewards programs is Events Cinema's (Australia). Check out their Cinebuzz rewards program, it's fantastic. Film is a passion in our family so the opportunity to see movies for free makes a big difference to us. We will see a movie several times, spend hours debating it's merits. It's wonderful family time after a busy week.  

Think about what you love and find a way to fit it into your week. 


With loads of travel and regular migraines I found handling my finances very difficult. I also realise dealing with bills holds zero interest for me (but conversely super important as a survival skill in the adult world, sadly).

The team at MyBudget.com handle everything and pay way more attention to my budget then I ever will. They are my personal bookkeepers and I love them. They have changed my life. When I need anything I just call them or message them and they sort it all out. It has eliminated a major stress from my life. No longer are bills in the mail a nightmare, I just send them a screen shot via an APP and mybudget look after the rest.

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