A way forward….

We can reduce our risk of dementia, and contribute to chronic disease prevention as part of our daily activities. Despite our current physical or mental challenges, we can create consistent strategies to support quality systems of health and well-being each day. Understanding the decisions we can make in six different areas of our life to bring about consistency is an important way forward. The six elements can be structured into our daily routine to operate seamlessly to improve our long term quality of health. 

Think of the elements as your house; your House of Health. For example nutrition is the kitchen and is called ‘Choose Nutrition’ because it is an active daily ritual. A brief over view of the six rooms in your House of Health is found here.  You can  follow along with blog posts and Facebook to take steps each day to improve your quality of health and develop systems to support your well-being. 

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choose nutrition

Each small step forward in improving our daily food options will make a significant change to our overall health. Choose Nutrition relates to your daily eating and drinking habits. The room in the house connected to this element is the Kitchen.

Blog posts related to nutrition can be found here.

Information about the nutrition system Dr. Melinda Martin-Khan uses can be found here. Dr. Martin-Khan is an affiliate with online links to this company on her website and in blog posts. If you read about these products on her website and click on these links and buy something from this company, she can be financially rewarded for referring you. Thank you for your support.

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demand rest

Sufficient, regular sleep improves cognition and makes a difference to general health and well-being. Demand Rest relates to your sleep routine (before, during and after sleeping) and your rest (each day and during vacation time). The room in the house connected to this element is the bedroom.

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Create Energy

Being active, even if starting slowly, is important for mental and physical well-being. Create Energy relates to the practices of movement, being active and purposeful exercise and stretching. The room in the house connected to this element is the Gym.

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Release Stress

Managing or eliminating things that cause stress is a significant factor in reducing future risk of health problems. Release Stress relates to releasing stress and anxiety, and managing your work/life balance; and general mental health. The room in the house connected to this element is the Bathroom.

Blog posts related to stress and mental health can be found here.

An APP I really love is SHINE for it’s daily support of mental health. https://premium.shinetext.com/

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seek adventure

Social interaction and creative output keeps our brain active and our mental health positive. Seek Adventure relates to keeping your brain active through interaction in activities you enjoy and learning new things, being physically active and socialising with other people. It includes trying new things that are a little outside your comfort zone and combining experiences and skills (like walking and talking). The room in the house connected to this element is the garage because it’s the gateway in your house to equipment which will equip you to adventure out.

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Be Informed

New information is available all the time which highlights opportunities to improve our health or limit our risk of chronic disease. Be Informed emphases the importance of learning new information about health issues, and staying informed about your own health needs specifically. This includes going to the general practitioner to have regular health checks. The room in the house connected to this element is the Library.

Blog posts related to being informed (and staying up to date) can be found here.

Find out more about the Dementia Prevention Your Brain Matters Program.


Coasters are available as a set of six with the 6 different priority prevention areas identified under the House of Health themes. Place the coasters around your house as a reminder to focus on these key concepts each day.

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‘Table Art Designs has offered 5% of every purchase to be donated to Dementia Australia for their ongoing contribution towards increasing public awareness about dementia, and supporting people with dementia and their caregivers" 

- Dr. Melinda Martin-Khan

Photo Credit

Photos by Felipe P Lima Rizo (Demand Rest); Maja Petric (Choose Nutrition); Maria Fernanda Gonzalez (Create Energy); Claudia (Be Informed); Brennan Ehrhard (Seek Adventure); Yann Maignan (Release Stress); Dennis Klein (Banner); Table Art Designs (Coasters)