A Playlist for Encouragement

Waiting until we 'feel' motivated to do something is not always the best way to get things done. Some days being active and dong some exercise is not what I really want to do. I am getting used to making self-care one of my daily timetable priorities, without waiting for it to feel right. On those 'un-motivating days', using music as an inspiration to keep walking, or walk a little faster has been really helpful for me. Particularly on days when I spend too much time thinking about my 'To Do' list rather than using the opportunity to step away from my day to day, and enjoy a break. I'd like to share my playlist with you.

We can improve health by integrating movement into our day, both informally (throughout the day) and in planned exercise. Being active each day is an important component of mental and physical well-being.   Don't wait to feel motivated. What we do physically helps, and it helps in different ways (so we should do different things). For example:  

  • Ensuring that we break up the day with spots of movement (stand-up and walk for a minute or two each hour rather than sit for long periods);

  • Regular resistance exercise two or three times a week helps increase bone density;

  • Five minutes of aerobic activity can start to stimulate anti-anxiety effects (enable us to step away from a stressful situation and re-group);

  • Physical exercise that sustains an elevated heart rate for a pre-determined period helps to build cardiac health;

  • Regular exercise with stretching helps to release stress and improve flexibility;

......and the list continues. 

Consider what movement activity is right for you.

If you are new to activity and movement, for a long term sustained change in your health, chat to your health care practitioner for a personal plan that is designed for you (taking into account your age, health care challenges and goals) to ensure that in the long term, you do physical movement that achieves the results that you need.  To achieve a healthy change, different people need to do different duration and intensities of exercise.  If you don't move a lot at the moment, starting to move more will be a good beginning.  So look for ways to increase movement throughout your day without resulting in physical injury.

Why music?

A guest blogger Talitha Martin-Khan wrote about the power of music in 2017 for this blog. You may like to revisit that post and be inspired by what a difference music can make to your health journey. 

The playlist. 

I've started putting together a playlist of songs that have a theme of encouragement that I enjoy listening to.  Often I just like to walk and think when I am exercising- I do a lot of my best thinking and visioning when I walk, but recently I've also enjoyed this playlist.  I use it when I'm walking, but also in the car (Do you need it on Monday morning?) or around the house.  I find that I walk a little faster when I have a super fabulous song with an awesome drum beat ringing in my ears (My favorite is Hold on Tight by Greg Holden).

I hope you are inspired by some of these songs as well. Let me know in the comments below if you think there is a song I should add to the list. Playlist: MMK_Never Give Up

Photo Credit:

Photo by Elements5 on Unsplash.