Sweet Tooth. Who me?

What is it that tempts you when you are trying to eat healthy foods? Or what do you feel you need when you are feeling tired or unwell? Are there 'go to' foods that aren't actually good for you but which you really really long for at times when your willpower is the weakest?

I wouldn't say I have a sweet tooth, as I am equally swayed by savoury foods. I tend to swing from one to the other. Right now I am completely besotted with sweet foods, in particular licorice.

Every time I fly I look for the Licorice Allsorts in the Qantas Club Lounge. They are my 'thinking about home' food, as it is very Australian and I love licorice. I went through my Facebook posts and identified a few photos (a few, I lie..... lots of photos) of Licorice Allsorts photographed in Qantas Lounges. Licorice Allsorts are a mixture of liquid sugar candies. They are made of licorice, sugar, aniseed jelly, fruit flavorings and gelatin.    I was really surprised to learn that they were first made by Geo. Bassetts & Co in Sheffield England (I thought they were an Australian first).

My love for Licorice Allsorts is part nostalgia and part taste. There is something special about them and I never just eat one.  The high sugar content is not good for me, and yet I reach for them time and time again.

My love of Licorice Allsorts is so well know that my friend Jo made me a handcrafted Licorice Allsorts birthday cake in 2015. It was amazing, and I completely loved it. It does make you wonder whether it is a good thing to be so closely associated with lollies. Clearly I am more well know for my love of Licorice Allsorts, then for my love of fruit.

Fruit is not the best thing to eat when you are trying to loose weight, but it is significantly better than Licorice Allsorts.  Sometimes we need to get the processed sugar out of our system before we can really enjoy the healthier foods - because our system craves the sugar hit and the taste.  We get used to that in our system, despite the fact that we often feel tired and lethargic after eating so much sugar.

What is it for you- Sweet or Savoury? How do you feel about Licorice (it seems to me that people either love it or hate it)?  How hard is it for you to go a day without your sweet treat? This is a good way to tell whether you have a sweet tooth addiction. While it can be tough to change your diet to avoid sweets that contain ingredients which have a negative impact on your energy, it is an essential element on the path to a healthier system.

Fortunately I'm learning how to keep the good blood sugars on an even keel, and to balance out my endless need for sweeties.