It's About Time

I'm dedicating this month to understanding how I spend my time.  Through understanding what I do with my time, I think I will be able to look at opportunities to maximise the way I use my time by organising things differently or making different choices. Being more efficient at the everyday activities that need to be done (ie. conquering the normal), hopefully I will have more time for adventures.

Photo by Kevin on Unsplash

I'm going to track my time and see where time goes.

I have a few hunches about what is happening to time in my world, but I'll see if that is right. There were some things that I seem to never have time to do, like paying bills on time - I get charged late fees (this has got to stop) and mailing birthday cards - I buy but don't post (posting before the actual date; even in the correct month would be a good start).   I also want to carve out some extra time for things that often get squeezed out - stretching, cooking dinner, walking and going to bed before midnight. All of these things are really good for my health and I need to make them a priority, a normal part of my every day.

This evening I spent two hours searching for my lost car keys. I still haven't found them.

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Photo by Kevin on Unsplash