I'll Have What She's Having

I am not a morning person. Despite the fact that starting early in your day really sets you up for success; for me mornings are challenging. I desperately want to sleep in for an extra hour (even though I set the alarm for the time I really needed to get up).  I love sleeping. Every now and then I have to have a 'sleep for the day' day, just to catch up.

But to survive in this world, you do have to get out of bed, and conquer the normal - in this case, breakfast. I've discovered the joys of the breakfast smoothie. Easy to make, limited washing up, and off the charts in terms of healthy. Whether you are losing weight, gaining weight, or ageing well, the right breakfast smoothie can set you up for the day.

It's also really good to do your exercise in the morning if you can get up even earlier.  Apart from the incredible feeling of being up and active when almost everyone else is asleep (I think I feel a sense of superior accomplishment about that), it also means you can tick it off your list, and you don't have to be concerned about time running away from you during the day.   I did 100kms in a week for Care Australia's Walk in Her Shoes (raising money for education for girls in less developed countries) in 2016.  To make the time I needed to get up very early in the morning (early for me - 4am sometimes).  It was magical, and I loved it. Hard for me to sustain (you can't stay up late and get up early), but it really was a win for health.

Finally, getting a routine that saves you time in the morning is essential. Don't lose your phone or your keys first thing in the morning. Being aware of how long you need to get ready, and giving yourself time to do that, and having time to leave the house clean and tidy, makes a huge difference to starting the day smoothly, and coming home with a positive attitude.

What is your morning routine like? If you are often late, try and work out what is getting in the way each morning - is there a pattern?  For me, it is sleeping in.  I did a 60 day course that looked at your lifestyle from the perspective of a healthy mind, and healthy body.  In that course as a result of the teaching, I worked out that I needed to have an action to help me get out of bed - that action is pick up the alarm clock (battery operated) and walk out of the room.  This action drags me away from the bed, and I'm on my way.  Are you thinking about changing your breakfast routine?  Check out my website if you are looking for a healthy, highly nutritious start to the day.

What is it that you need to change to give you a more peaceful and successful start to the day?

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Photo by lee Scott on Unsplash