Find your anthem, Find your rhythm


Talitha Densey

Today I’d like to introduce my Guest Blog Lifestyler Talitha Densey. Talitha is a student at Griffith University Conservatorium of Music, studying Popular Music. She is a strong composer and performer, and loves directing the production elements of a recording as well.

Talitha Densey is a vocalist and dabbles in guitar and piano to make her compostions and performances come alive. You can follow Talitha Densey on Instagram @talithadensey, on Facebook 'Talitha' or her webpage.

I've been a musician my whole life and am currently studying with the Conservatorium of Music. What that's taught me about myself is that I listen to A LOT of music. My brother makes fun of me when I put my earphones in when I'm in the car and my friends have a laugh when my playlist and I walk to the train alone. Maybe my general love of music has something to do with my constant listening of it or maybe there's something more going on.


Music has been scientifically proven to impact our perceived reality of the world. In simple terms, music affects how we feel. Your brain continuously compares information with what it expects on the basis of what you know about the world. What research has shown is that the brain builds up these expectations not just on the basis of experience but on your mood as well. Which means the idea of looking at the world as the glass half full isn't completely ridiculous. When you're in a happy and motivated mood, you’re more capable of tackling stress and obstacles throughout the day. Your brain sees the same obstacle, but feels more enabled to cope.

Listening to music is a great way to encourage positive thinking. However it might not be what you think it is. Yes sometimes I identify with Survivor by Destiny's Child before a big exam, but finding music that motivates you doesn't always mean it has to scream 'Anthem'. All kinds of music can make you feel good at any given time. For example, yesterday I was particularly energized by Bruno Mars's That's What I Like.  The song has a certain bounce to the rhythm and I found myself just wanting to bounce through my day. However the day prior, the song I was identifying with was Beyonce's If I were a Boy.  Sometimes the power of an emotional ballad even if not all that positive in subject gives you the motivating push to walk with power and intent.

My advice to you is to pay attention to the music around you. When I did this I just simply starting curating a playlist on my phone with Apple Music that I could whip out whenever I needed a boost of positivity. I now have this secret superpower in my Arsenal that's got my back all day every day. With the fantastic technology of earphones you can have your secret weapon charge you up in the privacy of your own brain. Maybe you have a big meeting today or a presentation to give. Maybe you need to get out of the house for a half an hour walk or you're anticipating the added positivity you'll need today to cope with that annoying mother who's always at your son's soccer game.

Whatever your circumstance might be, you can use music to help supercharge you for your day. Listen around and find your anthem. Tuck it in your back pocket playlist and don't forget to always mix it up and try out new sounds. Today Ed Sheeran's Castle on a Hill has me wanting to jump up and down and pound the air. What's your Anthem for today?


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