Chateau de Chillon, Lausanne Switzerland

In April 2015 I went to Lausanne in Switzerland to meet with colleagues from around the world to talk about acute care assessment systems. Lausanne is the biggest city (and capital) in the Canton of Vaud. There are 26 Cantons (like States) which make up the country of Switzerland. Lausanne is a beautiful city on the banks of Lake Geneva.  One of my favourite experiences was visiting the Chateau de Chillon.

One afternoon I went down to Lake Geneva, and caught a boat which took us down Lake Geneva, past incredible mountains, towards the Chateau de Chillon.  There are stops all along the way with lovely towns that you can visit (I didn't have time to get off - I was off to the Chateau).

The mountains are incredible, and time on the water was a beautiful experience. But judging from this picture, there are lots of different ways to enjoy the mountains.

Once you get off the boat, it's a short walk to the Chateau de Chillon.  The Chateau began as a Roman outpost, guarding the strategic road through the Alpine passes. While no one is really sure, the earliest part of the building was probably established in 1005. It's had a mixed history, becoming the summer home to the Counts of Savoy; a prison and then a munitions and weapon depot; and finally a tourist attraction.

Why should you visit the Chateau if you are in town: It's very old and has an amazing history; the boat ride there is glorious; Lord Bryon wrote a poem about Chillon; and for some of you, maybe best of all -the Chateau is the inspiration for the castle in The Little Mermaid.

Wondering around Lausanne is a wonderful experience, with cathedrals on the hill, and the plains. It's worth walking around and tackling the hills. Also there are a lot of restaurants serving cheese fondue, so that is worth trying. If you need something sweet, the chocolate is unique and divine.